Steph (poetrytoprose) wrote in one_fic_or_two,

Ew. Why is mostly everything here AH? Haha, I love it, too, but here's one involving the vampires we know and love.

Title: A Change of Heart
Author: bratanimus
Pairings: Edward/Bella
Category: NOT HUMAN Actually, tell me how I should categorize this. Post-Eclipse...AU?
Rating: M

Summary: Our wedding night wasn’t supposed to be like this. They’d decided that Bella was too great a risk, and they were prepared to kill all of us if we fought them. Destroy the few to preserve the many.

Personal Note: The only fic that could give IVO a run for its money in my opinion. Extremely well-written and the character are completely in character. Breaking Dawn does not exist; this is my post-Eclipse canon.

Sadly, it's not complete, but it left off in a REALLY good place. Enjoy it if you haven't read it already!
Tags: pairing: edward/bella, rating: m, status: work in progress, time frame: post eclipse, type: multi-chapter
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