Gnome Chompsky III (woobiewoobywoo) wrote in one_fic_or_two,
Gnome Chompsky III

Title: Still Being
Author: desert_dolly 
Pairings: Edward/Bella
Category: Drama/Romance
Rating: M
Warnings: Very OOC. Drug use, underage drinking, language, sexual references.

Summary: Bella Swan has grown up in Forks all her life. She's always heard about the seedy exploits of Edward Cullen, a boy in town two years older than her whom she's never actually met. From the moment their paths cross, Bella is certain she's got Edward pegged for what he really is - a loser - but life is about to teach her that nothing is ever that prejudices she's carried her whole life don't ring true.

Personal Note: It's still in the beginning stages of ficness, however it is worth the wait for the next chapter. I find it to be real and a fresh take on the All Human route. She's got the next couple of chapters figured out and possibly even typed out. Good. Snarky. Excellent read.

Tags: category: all human, category: alternate universe, pairing: edward/bella, rating: m, status: work in progress
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