Kristen (_transformed) wrote in one_fic_or_two,

Title: Cascade and Cyanide
Author: americnxidiot
Pairings: Edward/Bella
Category: Hurt/Comfort/Romance. AH/OOC
Rating: M
Warnings: Dark Themes

Summary: "But something was horribly wrong with Edward Masen. Something that had nothing to do with the drugs or the gossip or his family. And I had no idea what to do."

Personal Note: I didn't know what to think of when I first read this fic when the first chapter was posted rofl. But it's actually really good, and the way the author writes Edward's vulnerability is heartbreaking. Definitely check it out.
Tags: category: all human, pairing: edward/bella, rating: m, status: work in progress, type: multi-chapter
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