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one_fic_or_two's Journal

Stelby's ficcing, debating, debauching, and all ar
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Twilight Fanfiction Snobs Anonymous

Welcome to a place to recommend all the best fanfiction the Twilight fandom has to offer.

Here at One Fic or Two, we're dedicated to gathering the best and only the best. This is not a place to advertise your own story but rather a place to spam about your favorites. We also welcome discussion of fanfic.

Your mods are make_me_irish (Steph), woobiewoobywoo (Jen), and desert_dolly (Kelly). Between all of us we've got a pretty varied taste of fanfic but we all share the same passion for stories that are well written and don't make you want to claw your eyes out from the stereotypical lameness. We are also incredibly desperate for a good fanfic to read while we wait for IVO to update.

Recommend what you like but be warned that we do reserve the right to veto a particularly bad fanfic. We respect that tastes are differing and we aren't going to sensor your opinions, if we don't care for a fanfic you've recommended we won't read it. However if it's poorly written or shows a blatant disregard for the language and common sense (i.e. something along the lines of Twila) then don't be surprised if it disappears. Now onto the rules.

Rules for Posting

1. No Bullshitting Posts
We allow discussion posts (before posting a discussion check the tag "!discussion post" to see if the post already exists for the one you are creating). However, we ask that you don't post a personal introduction (unless you're making a rec too), graphics, or promotions. We only have a handful of members so it is not really the place to pimp a comm.

2. Include the author's name as well as a link to the story

3. A description of the story.
This can be the summary the author has listed or your own SPOILER FREE summary and reason why you like it since many authors will state "I suck at summaries" themselves (which is, quite frankly, discouraging).

4. Post Tagging
Don't stress the tags too much. If you get the tag system, feel free to tag your own posts. If you chose not to, our tag-inator Steph will go in and do it for you. She's obsessive like that.

We take all ratings and all ships.

Them's the rules, if you don't agree with them feel free to not join. If you have questions, comments, and concerns then feel free to contact a mod at any time! Steph and Jen don't bite. Kelly does but it's just a love bite, promise!